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The Backpacker's Field Manual is now in it's second edition. With over 400 pages of text and over 100 line drawings this is an excellent text for both experienced and first time backpackers. With perhaps the broadest scope of any backpacking book on the market it really fits into the category of a field manual.

More than any other backpacking book, this is the one that you would take with you on the trail. The success of this book is indicated by how many outdoor programs, colleges and universities us The Backpacker's Field Manual as a text book and manual for outdoor instructors.



The Backpacker's Field Manual has been the bible of the Princeton University Outdoor Action Program for more than a decade, field-tested by one of the most respected outdoor programs in the country. It is the most comprehensive backpacking guide available-broad in scope while still focused on the essential skills and information that backpackers need to travel safely and comfortably in the wilderness. Backpackers of all levels will find this book indispensable: before you start your trip, for deciding on an itinerary, selecting equipment, and figuring out what food, clothing, and other supplies to pack; once you're out in the wilderness, for choosing a campsite, setting up camp, navigating with map and compass, identifying trees and plants, and preparing meals (recipes included!); if something unexpected happens, for finding a lost person, seeking shelter in a lightning storm, and performing first aid for common injuries.

More than 100 line drawings illustrate such useful skills as how to set up a tarp, repair your stove, wrap an injured ankle, predict the weather, and much more. And scattered throughout are Tricks of the Trail, additional tips for successful backcountry hiking.

Any traveler knows that space in a backpack is limited, so on your next trip, pack the only guide you'll need-this one.


Designed to be taken on the trail, The Backpacker's Field Manual is an in-depth handbook that provides backpackers of all levels, from beginners to trip leaders, all the essential information they'll need. Rick Curtis is the director of Princeton University's Outdoor Action program. 100 line drawings. 256 pp.

"Painstakingly researched, the Backpackers Field Manual is a must read for anyone who spends time in the backcountry. It is a comprehensive guide that goes well beyond the basics. Rick Curtis has compiled a concise and easy-to-digest manual that should be required reading for all backcountry users. In his second edition, Rick Curtis has done the unimaginable, and made the Backpacker's Field Manual even better! Short of including a camp cook, I can't imagine how this book could be improved upon."

Charley Shimanski
Education Director, Mountain Rescue Association

"The Backpackers Field Manual is an excellent resource for anyone venturing into the backcountry. More important, however, is the comprehensive nature of the Leave No Trace information that is included in the Manual. As more people enjoy the out-of-doors, having a keen awareness of how to minimize recreation-related impacts to our limited resources is paramount. The author has done a great service to the wildlands we all cherish."

Ben Lawhon
Education Director, Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

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Rick Curtis has been the director of the Outdoor Action Program at Princeton University since 1981. He lectures regularly on topics such as outdoor saftey, running a wilderness orientation program, training college wilderness leaders, and building Web sites. He has been backpacking and camping across the United States for the past twenty years.